Reaching For The Stars 

- workshop with Manouk 

Sunday 2 jan at 10-12:30
Investment: 350kr 
Teacher and guide: Manouk van der Meulen

In this workshop we will look and analyze the starsign of the people attending. A great way to start the new year with some more insight on how to make your yoga practice more personal.

As each zodiac sign is being associated with specific body parts we will practice certain yoga postures which flows, strengthen and energize the body part it rules. Focussing on heart openers for the Fire signs, hip openers for Earth signs. Breathing for the Air signs and Grounding postures for the Water signs. We will find the perfect Yin-Yang balance in our body.

It will help integrate specific areas and achieve a particular outcome, such as emotional resilience, increased joy, or personal growth in career, relationships, or other areas.

You might be surprised to find how well your body—and maybe your life?—responds to yoga once you align you practice with the stars.

DON'T forget to fill in your date of birth when signing up for this workshop since Manouk will costume make  it for you. 

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