Meridian Yoga workshop 

- The Awakening stage with Todd Grube

Lördag 9 sept kl 12-15
Investment: 325 kr 

Meridian yoga is a organic blend of Hatha, YinYoga, Tantric yoga and Chinese medicine. It’s a passive practice to awaken the Tantric chakras, Chinese meridians , awaken kundalini energy and to heal the over stimulated nervous system and to kick start organic healing with in the body!

The practice has a Hatha yoga , yin yoga feel , only focusing on floor postures but not holding as long as YinYoga. We also use other inner energy practices such as Kriyas, pranayamas, mudras, acupressure points and mantras  to awaken the energy with in.

The inner energy practices will be peppered through out the workshop, all giving it a organic flow of postures and energy practices,, the class will also be peppered with organic live healing sounds and music,(Nada yoga ) to help take you deeper into the practice and help open the energy body.

The session will end with healing transmission of prana and light energy as you are in Savasana that will activate inner healing and awakening!

This workshop is for all levels.

Studion hittar du i hjärtat av Limhamn, Malmö.

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About Todd: 

Todd Grube is a international movement teacher from the USA, he has been studying different forms of movement  such as yoga, Marital arts and dance for over 30 yrs . Todd is a acupuncturist and knowledgeable healer and is one of the only people in Europe to get the blessing to teach yin yoga from Marital arts master and creator of yin yoga Paulie Zink to teach. He was also mentored by Paulie’s highest disciple Damon Honeycutt for many yrs .

Todd is a student of Shi Yang Ming of the NYC Shaolin temple and has studied Yogic arts a vinyasa yoga system based on yoga and marital arts, created be Sensai Duncan Wong. He is currently studying tantra, dance , marital arts and music with Yuki Tanaguchi, Tantric dance master from Japan who he became initiated by , into her Tantric yoga linage!