Energetic Power Healing workshop

med Petra och Henrik  

Tisdag 6 juni kl 12-14:30
Investering 555 kr 

Välkommen till EPH - Energetic Power Healing är en workshop där du får möta dig själv på en djupare och renare nivå som du kanske aldrig tidigare upplevt.

Få din egen rena, råa livsenergi - din Kundalini Awakening genom en energiöverföring. Upplev din kraft flöda igenom dig och rensa dina chakran; ditt energisystem. Energiöverföring börjar med att fatta ett beslut. 

Behöver du komma ner i din kropp och låta den vakna igen? Det enda du behöver ta med är dig SJÄLV 

Att ta med och tänka på inför workshopen:
- Ät lättare samma dag som workshopen
- Ta på mjuka kläder och en varm tröja eller filt
- Det kommer vara hög musik under workshopen

Med kärlek Petra & Henrik

Mer detaljerad info nedan på engelska: 
Come and experience your Raw energy being awakened with Energetic Power Healing


EPH allows for the transmission of kundalini energy that in turn activates the kundalini energy awakening process.

Many want to experience kundalini energy first-hand and feel something that others can take twenty to thirty years looking for, through yoga, raw food diet, breathing exercises and all sorts of other spiritual methods.

With an Energetic Power Healing transmission, you can usually be awakened in just one session. There are some people who have jobs where they carry a lot of responsibility, or have a very regimented life. They often have to have multiple sessions, possibly also a few private sessions, before they are activated.

To be Awakened means to quietly get one's chakras cleaned one by one. In the long-term one's kundalini is activated completely. At an EPH session the chakras are quietly cleansed, not at once, so that the energy flows more freely through the body without the so-called snake rising up.



SESSIONS WILL ALWAYS be conducted by eph facilitators, trained by eph's founder Dittem.

We press on some chakra and meridian points, and the energy takes care of the rest. You can neither get too much or too little and you are in safe hands.
A beautiful energy is set in the room before a session so that people can feel the warmth and openness of the room, even before the activation starts.
On the mat you can experience everything from joy, laughter, crying, sadness, memories, fear, sexual connectedness, heart opening, muscle contractions, deep serenity, visualizations and much more.
Kundalini cleanses your chakras through, therefore there may be tremors in the body which are your chakras' response to the energy that penetrates and cleanses them.
The most beautiful and important thing, however, is what happens afterwards!
Quite a few report deeper focus, more synchronicity, deeper spirituality, increased interiority clarity and self-insight.
Many get a feeling of feeling at home. One session is an eye opener, but if you use eph regularly you will get deeper and deeper into this beautiful process.
Further down you can read more about kundalini and how your path can be in an awakening process from it is quiet until it is stable.

YOU and sessions: Eat lightly the same day and preferably the day before, bring a blanket or yoga mat and come preferably a little earlier, so that you can settle in. Remember the music is loud in the room.

The raw energy is a beautiful and intelligent energy, it knows exactly what you need and you can neither get too much nor too little.
There is a significant difference between doing self-awakening through, for example, meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, etc.
and to get an eph. With a self-made activation, all chakras are opened, so to speak, to full floodgates and the experience can therefore be very overwhelming or downright shocking. Especially if you are new to the spiritual field.
Kundalini कु ञ्डिलिनी (coiled strength/energy) is a term from the ancient Indian Sanskrit which is used to describe the life energy and consciousness that lies, resting at the base of the spine, from birth to eph or to death. After death it returns to its source in the universe.
It is an expression of the life force itself (pranic energy, chi, bio-energy etc.). Yogi science believes that it is this energy that gives the "spark" to the first cell formations and divisions when a woman becomes pregnant.
That is, life force itself.

Kundalini energy can unfold and rise from the root chakra at the base of the spine (or from the feet), and all the way up through the rest of the body, by means of spiritual exercises or as a response to life events. It can also be raised as a transmission from an eph facilitator working with that provoke the energy to life. When it happens, it can both happen gradually, like a snake that slowly travels themselves, or very suddenly as a kind of "explosion" in the stomach, heart or head.
It can be overwhelming, chaotic, scary or just pure happiness and usually causes
months or even years of new feelings and changes in the person who has awakened the energy. Maybe it suddenly feels like your body has just been upgraded to version 2.0 and it can take time to get used to. In the Eastern tradition, Kundalini activation is considered an essential step on the path
towards spiritual realization, but in the West this step is largely ignored. Until now?!
Kundalini is recognized within i.a. many yogic and tantric traditions, Tantric Buddhism, Taoism, Gnostic tradition and even among the Indians in America. The image of the snake rising up inside the body also recurs in esoteric works of art from many different cultures, suggesting that this knowledge may have been universal. EPH can present many different symptoms, both positive and negative. It can lead to significant changes in one's perspective on life, in one's feelings and what one actually sees oneself as capable of doing about
the things. It can also lead to stress in more vulnerable areas of the body, opening the heart and mind to changes.
During the transmission itself, you can often experience phenomena such as shaking, vibration and spontaneous movements, visions and more.

Kundalini awakening offers a fantastic opportunity to take steps forward on your own spiritual journey way. It quietly dissolves many patterns, circumstances and misunderstandings in your life, feelings and thoughts. It can feel frightening to the ego, as an activated person can feel a loss of interest in his old life and identity, and consciousness can move into previously unfamiliar states, as inevitable will seem confusing at first.
Like any creation energy (Pranha, electricity, atoms), this energy can also be activated in those who are not spiritually motivated or have not completed the EPH process, where one is freed from personal patterns, by simply focusing on the energy, i.e. by e.g. holding treaties about energy, it is activated in the human being and already there changes of a positive nature will occur.
Kundalini is a term that refers to the very life force or life energy that we all have within us. It often is has been called the "sleeping goddess" or the "snake power", and is often symbolized by the image of a snake that lies coiled at the root chakra, which is at the base of the spine.
Imagine the chakra system as a single electrical circuit that runs from the base of your entire spine
the path to the top of the head, with points of light at each chakra on the path, which then gets a boost to it passing energy. Kundalini awakening refers in essence to "discovery and awakening of inner knowledge",
You become an alert, empathetic, positive and searching person - let your journey already start today.

There is a significant difference between doing self-awakening through, for example, meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, etc. and to obtain an EPH. With a self-made activation, all chakras are opened, so to speak, to full floodgates and the experience can therefore be very overwhelming or downright shocking. Especially if you are new to the field.
With EPH, the chakras are quietly cleansed so that the kundalini energy flows more freely through the body that the so-called snake necessarily rises.
Most of us have energy blockages and imbalances, as well as energy-draining "bad" habits that prevent us from consciously focusing our energy and thereby leave us exhausted, confused, sad or even physically ill. The good news is that you can now change that.
When the kundalini is activated, it propagates up the spine, through a central channel called "Sushumna Nadi". It is through the Sushumna that the energy moves from chakra to chakra, right up to the crown chakra on the top of the head.
There are many parallels between physiology and kundalini. It is easy to compare Sushumna with it central nervous system. Sushumna makes an energetic connection from the first to the last chakra, where the central nervous system, a large part of which is located along the spine, is responsible for communication from the brain to the body.
Kundalini is your very life force! It is traditionally believed that in people who have not activated theirs kundalini, the energy lies latent and coiled at the base of the spine.

The Kundalini awakening can be downright traumatic and perhaps the most confusing time of your life. One knows not necessarily that what is going on is a deep cleaning process that, when completed, will lead to a stronger person with both legs firmly planted on the ground. You may get "random" symptoms, such as starting suddenly, waking up in the middle of the night, bathing in sweat, in tears or even literally feel the energy move along the spine.

Remember everything is a journey in life and travel with joy and curiosity, ask questions, accept and give space.