Michael James Wong - Workshops

Ladder flo - Thursday 26 Nov, 19-21

price: 350 SEK

Join Michael James Wong for a Ladder Flow that brings to life the JOY of practicing together. This is a fun, strong vinyasa practice that builds up step by step creating a sequences to music that will bring heat, heart and flow.
You certainly do not want to miss this!


Dogs & Frogs - Saturday 28 Nov, 18-20

price: 350 SEK

Join Michael James Wong for a practice that explores the highs and lows, the fast and the slows of practice. This class will challenge our habits and ego are on and off the mat. Guaranteed to make you sweat, this special class will start with a strong & dynamic flow that will build strength and heat. Once through the fire, the class will move deeper into the heart and hips and finish with a deep & meaningful frog pose.
This class will end with a meditation.